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This app proves to be really good for you sometimes, but its usage is restricted to selective outlets, fuel stations, etc. Mobile load, bundles and money transfer facilities are really very fantastic. As online ticketing is concerned, i don’t found it useful because they don’t allow to shift the ticket or change the schedule and even I haven’t been refunded since I cancelled my bus tickets three weeks ago. The service of utility bills payment is also advantageous and saves time.

Great app. However, it requires some fixes. Like when I check my transaction history, no detail of fee is visible in receipts. Rather it shows almost every transaction as FREE. Similarly, when sending transaction history to my mail ID, app shows success message but I never received (not even in spam folder) my transaction history. Otherwise best app as compared to its rivals. 👌

i like the new interface. addition of finger print for login was a much required option. however you have skipped one important secueity feature which was available previously. The app remains logged in for some time if i just press the home button and move to other application. Maybe you can provide the automatically logging out option as an optional feature which can be turned on and off by the user.

I’ve been using easypaisa for quite a while now (mainly for topups & transferring money). I haven’t tried the alternatives that I can compare it to, but it works fine for me. It’s simple & easy to use. Here are few things that are being a nuisance/hindrance for me: 1. I’ve set my fingerprint login, but each time I sign in, it takes the fingerprint, processes it, and says “you have not set this login method” and asks for password. I have to do a fingerprint login AND enter password every time. We shouldn’t need to do both. 2. Why do i need to login on every app launch? even if last login was 5 seconds ago. Why don’t I stay signed in? 3. I

added my debit card in the app, made transaction & removed it. When I tried to add it again, it said, “Error! Card is already added with an account.” If the card has been removed, it should be allowed to be re-added. If it hasn’t been removed, it needs to be kept displaying in the cards menu. Finally, who asked you to spell my name on your own? THAT’s NOT HOW I SPELL MY NAME! Let me change it, PLEASE!

App is very slow. Sometimes even we couldn’t log in, and messages appears “Sorry system busy”, mostly I can’t buy a bundle or easyload from it. After one year of use, i think it deserve negative rating instead of 1 star. I am facing the same problem since last year, I have tried to reach resolution center but didn’t get a good response. Other users are also facing same problems.

Good app but has a long way to go. The login screen is annoyingly slow and has inconvenient UI both with or without the fingerprint lock, hangs a lot. “My Approval” sections is mostly useless, have had so many payments cancelled because they don’t appear in my approval section despite having the app open. Build a pop-up for my approvals making it faster & easier to approve a transaction. Add a feature to keep the app unlocked for some time, e.g., 10 minutes or when it’s open in the background.

Not satisfied with application interface. It is not user friendly. You put a lot of unnecessary stuff on homepage. No option to delete or edit your favourites. Completely useless application interface. Why you put two times easypaisa logo on home screen? Don’t add big promotion badges on home screen and if you put favourite option then why you put shortcut option. They are both closely related. Application interface should be minimalistic.

Really bad experience it’s been around 2 months since I have started using this app and I didn’t had one nice experience. There system is always busy couldnt do transactions on time. Even filled a complaint to the customer services and got a msg that it has been sorted out. But still it doesnt do me any good. I hope there was a way I couldve given them a zero star.

the stupidest and dumbest app update I’ve ever seen. the previous version was working pretty good, in the recent update they just concentrated on the dashboard and messed up with other features, so disappointing. following are the problems which i encountered after updating. Everytime i tried to log in it showed an error”check your internet connection” although i got high speed internet i deleted and reinstalled the app and now it’s showing ” system is busy for the whole f**in day.

New interface is good. However, in “help” or “contact us” tab there could be a option to leave a message. As, in case, we need to write to easypaisa for issues being faced. Your call center service needs alot of improvements. In last some days, I have been calling, and it was such a hurdel. I perefred if there would have been easy way to write you without going into my email. Well I wrote on fb messanger. I think this option in app would be helpful to us.

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