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Recently, when scrolling up on any point, the screen has been indurating and I can not go any further without backing out of the app entirely; Indeed when it’s the only operation opened. I can not shoot a crash report for some odd reason moreover. This app used to be THE go- to app. Now I am questioning whether I need to start using Firefox or another cybersurfer app. This is no longer quick and simple.

Before, if I were to use a single word to describe Chrome, it would have been” accessible”. For managing across multiple OSs, grouping tabs, and extensions( on the desktop). Now, the word I’d use is” advertisements”. From the large square advertisements that appear on nearly every other paragraph, to the advertisements that appear to the top and/ or bottom of the screen, and to advertisements that appear when going from one runner to another. At first I allowed it was the website itself, but this seems to do only when using Chrome.

1. When i try to download anything, and just pauses automatically, and if i click on capsule it resets amd starts again. 2. occasionally it does completes, but when i try to open the videotape, from the downloads tab, it stucks or commodity. I’ve to a seperate videotape player just to open that. 3. Whenever i try to play any media online, the the player just stcks on it’s own. I allowed it has to do with internet speed or sth, but it isn’t, i checked again and again.

occasionally when I try to write commodity in the hunt box or edit a URL, the keyboard incontinently disappears And everything I wrote will be deleted when the keyboard disappears, I’ve to click on the hunt box and type again. I’ve been suffering from this problem for months and several updates haven’t fixed the problem. I used several keyboards, deleted the cybersurfer’s cache and data, and plant reset my phone doubly, but the problem is still not resolved.
Still the stylish overall cybersurfer, the kink with indurating up on some spots is nearly gone. The rearmost update feel to have addressed this and it

doesn’t indurate or close veritably much at each now, brilliant! Still some issues with media play, where a sluice suddenly don’t play but the feed is live. This is more common where spots have an preamble with announcement or analogous and when it happens full near and renew of cybersurfer is necessary.
Chrome is always better. But now it makes lot of problems while browsing. I do not know how to tellthat.However, and want to open a payment app or bank app or indeed another webpage, If i trying to do a sale. also after coming back to the sale runner, also i saw an error. That’s every time i come back to any runner, it makes reload the runner automatically. Wrost experience. It makes deals or submitting some forms more delicate

Two recommendations please when I scroll through the news feed on the wharf runner, there should be a button that takes me all the way over so that I can switch tabs or access the hamburger menu in two gates. Also, is there a plan to move the hunt bar to the base or make the option available for druggies who want it- phones are getting longer and our thumbs are not growing presto enough.

I loved using chrome. Until moment. Whatever update changed the way tabs work is awful. rather of being easy to read and navigate, they’re now squashed into the smallest little places! I can not find any setting to change the range of the tabs, and the tab grouping function does not indeed work not that it would make up for the size issue anyway; I do nt want to navigate two redundant menus to see what tab I want to switch to!
Lately whenever I use this on my android phone I get a lot of pop up adds that help me from doing anything in the app until I click a” x” in the corner to exit them.

The hunt results have noway been accurate or useful but lately they’ve been indeed worse which I didn’t suppose was possible. The app is accessible but that is about it.
It’d be delicate to design a worse cybersurfer designedly. runner loads measured in twinkles, constantly freezes. My phone’s scrap but it has no problems running other cybersurfers. The only reason I still have chrome is the phone is dependent on Google to be indeed minimally useful. empty app. Removed it only to find that the phone will not serve without it. Tried seven times( and counting) to modernize it again. Damn thing will not indeed do that. I am not surprised that this review refuses to post.

The preface of” tab grouping” was the stylish thing chrome ever did. It helped me order my browsing experience. But, when I streamlined the app, I realised links no longer open within the same tab group and I’ve to manually group them which is stressful. It’d nice if you could make the point an option that can be actuated or killed in settings.
I just love how great the sync between bias is in Chrome, which is the main reason I use it. Performance is also getting better( however there’s still a huge room for enhancement). I suppose you

should give druggies a bit more customization, especially the capability to enable disable tab groups, and perhaps add the voluntary bottom navigation bar( analogous to the Safari perpetration).
Pages do not completely load presently or they indurate. For the once several weeks my Chrome cybersurfer does not work duly. It’ll no longer load an entire runner, only a partial runner and the rest is blank. Also, it freezes on certain runners similar as wearied Panda papers. Also, advertisements are huge and take up large corridor of the screen now and cover papers. There is also no longer a way to report that an announcement covers content. It all renders Chrome cybersurfer useless.
A many months ago I switched to the native Samsung browse

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