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I love Google prints, especially compared to any other pall service, it’s unmatched. There’s one point that I wish they would add, however. perhaps they can only add it for Google One members. I’ve some prints and vids which I want to upload in original quality and others which I want to upload in storehouse- redeemer quality, but as of now, the only options I’ve are to choose one or the other for all my prints and vids. Can you add a point to choose the quality for each print and videotape?

Has worked excellent in the history, still, lately, it has not been backing up any prints and says that all prints have formerly been backed up, which just isnt the case. Long overdue edit; The issue was my phone, so some reason it was just neglecting to work at all for literally anything. Since getting a different phone will say that the app is still amazing. Love that I can add in people and pet names, also type in their name in the hunt bar and only their filmland shows up.

Frustrated. When you essay to upload images from your device to any app, it shows them in chronological order grounded on the most recent image saved to your phone. Google prints NEEDS an option to see ALL particulars from ALL flyers in chronological order in the same section. For illustration, If I took a many prints on Snapchat, a many on my camera and also downloaded a many my friend sends me on WhatsApp, also I should not have to go to 3 separate flyers in Google prints to see the filmland i saved
Google prints is the dereliction print app for my new phone, and for the utmost part since I have acclimated, it’s been great. still, one major issue I am having is with the facial grouping. numerous of my faves are not suitable to be added, as the app does not fete a face in the image. I suppose it would be helpful if you could add a square to mark where a face is in an image indeed though the app hasn’t marked it formerly, and add it to a pet or person brochure from there.

Detest it the interface isn’t intuitive at all. My opinion is that Google makes it as delicate as possible to manually manage your prints. It seems the most introductory of choices, like take picture and store in a brochure and just leave it as it was saved are buried buried in menus or do not live at all. Google wants control of your prints. It’s too time consuming and frustrating. I am so happy right to repair law is going to pass in ny state. Hopefully stop this type of business practice.
UI is just horrible on every position. There have been no significant advancements in times. How is it possible that Google with all its might can produce such a thing, I’ve

no indication. Looking for ways to move to other services. Using it feels like crudely designed, limited and exorbitantly simplistic appliance UI for a snappily assembled prototype from another time. I have been asked to give a detailed feedback but the app review process isn’t designed for that moreover. 500 characters and textbook only.

The app is great as a pall service. My problems with it are that when you cancel prints they occasionally come back, the fact that my phone’s normal gallery has further editing options and that you can not edit the date of further then one picture at a time outside the web. I like how easy it’s to understand the UI and that every print loads presto.

Free storehouse and back ups is great, but there’s nearly no way to tell which prints have been backed up and which bones haven’t, which is the whole point. Using the’ free up space’ option noway deletes all of your prints, indeed if they’re backed up. The stylish way to find prints that were backed up and cancel them from your device was through the’ cancel from device’ option, which would tell you if they were backed up before deleting them, but for some reason they have now removed that from the app.
One suggestion. While I love love love Google prints, I’m still staying on one tool that allows me to identify prints that are NOT in an reader. I organize my prints in compendiums , and while the’ hunt’ functionality is great, it’s easier to detect prints if you know in which reader to look for them. Yet, if one misses on putting a many prints in compendiums ,

accidentally, also it’s veritably delicate to find them, indeed with’ hunt’. Please Google, figure this simple thing out!!
App is over to the mark except for couple of effects. First, There’s no option to move prints to a particular reader. Indeed if we are creating an reader for a particular set of filmland, the added filmland still appear in the main frame which technically shouldn’t be. purpose of Moving picture to an reader is to

not see the print away or differently the entire purpose of isolation is tossed. Second, There should be an option of participating from the locked brochure as well. Kindly review.
The app needs to have a passcode point. You can not change the view of the prints to display in a different manner. The app always opens to prints, rather to one of the other options. This is veritably invasive. What if you do not want certain prints to show as soon as the app opens. The app should be enciphered to allow for the end stoner to have it display to one’s particular taste. I would also like to disable the app and can not do it.

Trash App. inventor still will not add the option to control individual flyers that are uploaded, it uploads everything from screenshots to Facebook. The DCIM brochure is part of the AUTO backup, not just the camera. This waste a lot of space, and having to constantly cancel what I do not want in the reverse of waste a lot of my time. I should also be suitable to cancel effects from the backup without having to cancel them from my phone as well..5 stars if I could. transferring feedback

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