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Nothing particularly special or unique that would set this piecemeal from analogous apps. That said, it has been solid and dependable. I’ve noway had it lock up or do anyone unanticipated. There’s one annoyance, and maybe I’m missing a setting that might help it, but there’s a small window with a kind of abbreviated summary of current conditions. It’s not an announcement but it pops up and forces me to close it before I can do anything differently. veritably annoying.

Too numerous advertisements. I’ve been using this app for further than 5 times now. Eventually decided to uninstall it. Off late it has started showing too numerous announcements, anywhere you click it opens up an announcement first. I do understand they need to earn profit,

an announcement formerly a while then and there’s ok but showing advertisements on each screen of the app is too important. It started getting veritably prickly, hence I’m eventually jilting the app now.
The plates are borderline, at best. At first regard, the radar image is respectable. still, if you want to progress it into the immediate future, to track implicit storms, you have to upgrade to Premium! Rip off! lately, in trying to open the app for vaticinations & word, several advertisements, games, and other offensive effects open first that are veritably resistant to close some without indeed the option of closing them! This is intolerable!! I’m UNINSTALLING this app incontinently!!!

Changed review to 3 stars since not all of the features work, despite paying for the periodic subscription. instructional, but it would be much better if the live radar point actually worked. I paid for the periodic subscription hoping it would work, but it doesn’t. It just stays on the same day and nothing happens when I push play. else, I love the app. It’s instructional, easy to use, and enoughaccurate.However, I’d fluently give this app 5 stars!

If the live radar worked. Advertisements rather of rainfall. After the last update, upon opening the app, you are forced to stay while it loads an announcement, frequently with sound, also you’ve got to search for the way to close it. When you are looking for the rainfall,

you do not want to see an announcementfirst.However, they want you to pay to use the radar, commodity that is free in so numerous apps, If that were not bad enough. Why would anyone pay for commodity that is free far and wide, especially when they continually throw surprise advertisements at you. Uninstalled

Beautiful UI but incorrect announcements & temps. I do like this app, so it’s a shame but entering 2 announcements at the same time, both with incorrect temperatures, it makes it meaningless at that point. It’s been like this really since I first downloaded it a many weeks back. I will be coming back at some point in the future with expedients it will be bettered.
veritably useful with all the information you need on the one runner and farther detail available from each section. Advertisements are a bit protrusive but as one off figure removes them worth the small figure. position works well and


seems accurate so far. Adding other locales is easy and also being suitable to scroll sideways to each position from your home position works well. The contrivance choice is veritably wide and easy to add one to your home screen to show date time and rainfall summary.

Have had a couple of days. I had had The Weather Channel app for times, but it’s not what it used to be. So I am trying to find bone I like. So far this bone ,. it’s taking some getting used to.” WAY TOO MANY Advertisements” And I have read too numerous conditions on these apps where people buy the decoration and still get the advertisements, so I detest to midriff my plutocrat on decoration. Update * I have had for a little while now. Would be a good thing, but for the protrusive adds. May go back to The Weather Channel.

The advertisements preemption your screen numerous times just while trying to use the app. utmost advertisements are vids with sound that can be veritably dismembering to those around you. It’s delicate to stop the advertisements till they finish. I was allowing about upgrading to pro because the app seams ok. But trying to use it without the paid pro addition was so annoying I suppose ill pass.
Fine until the advertisements appear far and wide The app has great features and is vibrant. still, now when you open it, you’re hit with an announcement. I understand that they’re paid this way and if you click on a different section, an announcement pops up but to have it when you open it up, it’s over the top.

It’s not a bad app but storm warnings feel enough delayed. I do not know if this is a typical detention or the app extending it. I get them after the storm passes. Also, the chart( with pink and unheroic rain colors) always freezes when I zoom out or move around too fast and I’ve to renew the app. This happens everytime I use the chart, not sometimes. I am considering looking for a new app because of this.

Advertisements are minimum. easy to read, nice donation. includes dew point, and barometric pressure, easy to find btw. barometric pressure rise or fall fleetly can beget me headaches so its important. The real” moisture” refers substantially to the dew point. what’s comfortable and what’s verge of tropical. Tropical is only good for me on holiday ! It AC for me! This app is a palm!
The most detailed, yet fluently navigated rainfall app I have seen. Icons, charts, controls all are practical, timely and precise. I have been a radio host for times, reading and reporting rainfall for times, and this app is commodity I wish I had during my broadcasting times. I bought the pro interpretation without vacillation.

expansive information and easy to use. Buying the announcement-free is worth it. True to it’s name, another and briskly. I love that it has hourly, radar, daylight, moon rise, seeing for multiple locales, and more. Only strike, it does not have lightning shadowing. Please add that in to make this app perfect.

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