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It’s a fun infinite runner but there’s a few problems. The weekly challenge 4-hour timer doesn’t work and starts counting up when it hits zero, forcing you to use stars when you shouldn’t have to. There’s a lot of bull moments, like passing through a chasm or landing on a platform with rocks blow it only for it to end the run and tell you not to hit the rocks. The hit-detection on that needs to be tightened as I’ve lost some really good runs because of it Thank u.This app is really paying. I just encounter some problems with the feature where you’ll be redirected to install an app and play it depending on the task by GReward.

It doesn’t detect that the app is already installed and doesn’t give the coins even after completing the task. But still good for an earning app. Thank you GReward. ❤️I think there is a bug because my inprogress have lots of installed apps or inprogress.. I’m not the one who did that. And iron source, fyber and others don’t have offers at all. Really? I keep on reinstalling the app. At first its working fine and after that it goes back to no offers. Please fix this.It’s a legit app – it really does pay. Received my payment almost instantly.

Just one request : kindly add at least one more payment option such as bitcoin so that people from all over the globe can get the most out of it as PayPal isn’t available in my country yet.This app just deserve a Star because it’s legit. Earning coins isn’t easy, when you install the app they give you 50coins per add but after a few days you’ll be getting 20coins per add and sometimes no coin is added to your account after watching a countless adds. Furthermore, most of the offers on the “Coins” tab are not available when you click on them. Otherwise it’s a good App but developers need to do a lot to make it superb for it to deserve stars.I’ve uninstalled it. I was really playing it seriously to get credit score but

I haven’t received my credits. And the support denied it. A waste of time me. A lot of in progress apps even though it was already installed.It deserves no star.It’s needs more effort to gain more points and now it pays real. I hope it would never be change. What I love the most was when you request your pay out it couldn’t takes days it’s takes hours only to pay “I dont know the others but for me yes” and my effort didn’t wasted. Thanks to this apps.Real app! It gives you a real payment within a few seconds. Amazing app!

Also we can easily earn coins on it. But sometimes it says pending and automatically cancle the payment and refund all the coins. Please fix this provlem!💖✅Honestly, this app pains me. Of course it pays out. It’s really legit. Though it doesn’t credit the offers I do and everytime I tried to take a survey, it either goes blank or takes me through hours of bs until I wasted my day on trying to find a survey.Got my first 1$ payout today after 4 days using the app(only watch ads). 0.005 $ per ads isn’t bad as long as it pay me with real money. Edit : I don’t receive daily chance to watch ads after my first 1$ payout. If nothing change in 3 days I’ll uninstall this app since I can’t download random app just for 0.05 or below. Edit : still no ad so I

uninstall it.A good and reliable application, especially as it supports many cards, but I face a slight problem in the service of charging the phone balance. I tried again and again, but they did not find, despite that the application is very goodGreat app! It really pays. I received my second payout in just only a few hours. But recently, i cannot access the videos for me to gain points. I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible.

Anyways, i will still recommend this app. Kudos to the developer!Superb experience!! I just cashed out a total of 15$ now, thanks GReward, hoping you can help more people with your excellent services. This app should be put in the top 1. Edit: from 5 to 2 stars. Why o why did you lower the ad points, from 50 to 20 real quick, you know you get big money from us watching ads, why change it.git paying app. However, some finished tasks do not send reward. idk what is the problem although I already completed the task.

The ads doesn’t usually play, it always say daily limit exceeded although I didnt have watched any ads yetsuper legit hope it will not end …..only problem is the ads sometimes always say that waiting but no ads reflect,,, ..but thanks hope i will get soon the bigger price:)for follow up review. When i updated theres no ads always rich the limit but

only 1 ads i watch and suppost to be 50 ads in one day .,what happen? Please fixed the problem…thank you,GodblessIt’s a really legit app and I absolutely love it, it gives free load and it’s easy to get load, the only downside as to why I made this only 4 stars is because I had to take a verification like showing my face, that’s why I didn’t really like it too much. But hey, it’s free load so I can’t complain that much, so far it’s a nice app, I recommend you to download it if you want free load.

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