Candy Crush Saga

Veritably nice game. But this need some advancements in options. I, as a player, request King to add these effects in their game 1. Add a option by which( proprietor of fantastic 5 platoon) can remove any player. There are numerous silly players who do not do a single point. 2. Add a converse communication in Fantastic 5 so players can sputter with each other. 3. Ameliorate the hunt algorithm. When we search any platoon, we get another results. 4. still, also his musketeers can help him by passing that lvlI had been playing the game but one thing which prompted me to review my former standing was that utmost of the situations are intricately developed, If anyone is stuck on any position. 

They do so increase number of rounds played. But unlike other match three games the players are stuck in ordinary situations. also there cases that there are successive hard situations. This has led me to decide to cancel it though I’m at position 1487. Frustrating game. No matter what I do on half the games, I end up demanding just one further move. If I’m trying to set up a move. astonishingly a lemon will go out or commodity that will end that idea. But utmost frustrating is the fish. They feel to go to useless spots or hit a coloured delicacy or commodity. I’ll not put plutocrat in

for gold or anything because if after 9 moves I still have not got that one last thing, 5 further will not count. presumably will uninstall. I like to enjoy a game not be frustratedThis game has gotten unplayable without watching multiple advertisements, and prices do not always work. doubly moment I have watched 2 advertisements at the end of a position, which should have gotten me 5 fresh moves, but at the end of the alternate, I get a communication saying” videotape not available” and I did not get the price. There’s also SO MUCH going on when I first open the app. I need to click out of 6- 7 pop- ups before I can indeed play thegame.Hope not much has changed, I have really like this app it appears the app hasn’t changed

important really like thisgame.its still relaxing and fun. I got dissociated by accident, but still get frustrated with the frog, really no explanation of how to exclude the frog, on an occasion. Till latterly. Having a lot of fun, there is been some changes for the better. Have fun, good luck andenjoy.still having a great time, enjoyeveryone.This should be labeled as a” pay to play” game. Although this is a fun game and has saved me from tedium multiple times, they also know exactly what they’re doing. I’ve lately gotten up to around position 1520 and i’ve noticed that it’s getting decreasingly delicate to pass situations without

spendingmoney.They know how numerous moves you need to pass a position, and deliberately do not give you enough( or enough boosters) to pass. This isn’t a game of skill, some situations you can not win without buyingPrimarily, a game of getting a lucky board, in app purchases or watching long advertisements. Updates and changes have taken much of the skill needed to complete a position out of the game. If you have a lot of plutocrat to spend on boosters also you’ll enjoy the experience. utmost of the openings for earning boosters have been all but excluded. In addition,

the game will find a way to crash after watching a long 30 alternate videotape in which you’ll lose the position. CC are apprehensive of this but refuse tofix.Very addictive game. still, it’s a RIP off. Once you are hooked, situations come insolvable to pass without buying Boosters or Gold. They want you to get frustrated enough when not being suitable to pass a position that you buy commodity to pass it. Their Q & A indeed has the gaul to state LOTS of people pass all the situations and complete the game without buying anything!! That is the biggest piece of Bull I have ever heard. I am once position 1000 and have had enough. Good luck and do not forget your Credit CardIt’s egregious that the inflow of the coloured delicacies are controlled to keep you losing,

and when you’ve lost enough times, the inflow will change and you will get a palm without any boosters. its unfortunate and has little to do with skill. I only use it when there is absolutely nothing additional to do. Because it’s purely chance, it can not come addictiveIt does feel that you’re allured in to spending plutocrat. Takes days occasionally to clear a position. I used to love this game, but the silly add- ons like palm 10 games in a row are relatively simply hugely ludicrous- and completely unachievable if you are once position 2000. I am looking for another game to play, but they all feel the same- pay pay pay.

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