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The quantum paid for tasks( substantially) is veritably little and utmost of the tasks have trainings which is way too long than the factual task and we are not paid for training. The quantum paid for tasks substantially goes under review and mine substantially gets cancled indeed I have completed the task and have wasted a lot of time on it. The app starts glitching for no reason. And most importantly, the sale takes ever!!!!!

This app is veritably good not only because it’s paying but also, we can learn from it especially in terms of appreciation, understanding and assaying textbooks and papers. The only strike is that the app requires a lot of time before you can withdraw your earnings. The tasks prices are going cheaper. It also requires too important time on the training phase before you can actually do the main task.

I really like this app. I spend nearly all of my free time then. The tasks might pay low but if you’re accurate in performing them, there’s a chance you will be promoted to advanced paying tasks. Threw out all the fake and deceiving plutocrat paying apps. I’ve cashed out over 3 times formerly with toloka. I largely recommend, besides, you will learn a lot just by performing the tasks and since training is available for each task, it makes it easier for you to understand how to do the them.

This app is one of the stylish app. But there’s problem with the task. frequently I can not find task. occasionally after refreshing the task some task show. But when I start the task it says there’s no task. In a many seconds the work is gone. either there’s no check. Please break this kind of problem. And bloked panhandler who give error task like transcribing audio recording.

Good app. veritably easy to use. still there tasks regarding products similarity would have been way better if the Google hunt can be penetrated on the runner rather than clicking it to compare, occasionally it’s delicate to finish before time, leaving the tasks deficient.

streamlining this review. As soon as you pass test and practice tests, it gives you access to tasks. And it pays decent and pullout is veritably easy. utmost tasks pay within a day. Ive recommended the app to my musketeers. You can just fluently be impaired from the tasks if panhandler deems commit crimes and affair not meeting quality. But there should be better explanation. There should also be another way for you to be suitable to regain examinations so you can get access to the tasks again.

It’s a fun app to make some small income while killing time. No high prospects for a big payout but for some people, working on some micro tasks is consider as a chops development. Always have tasks available to work on. Easy training and clear set of instructions. I largely recommended this app for people who like micro tasking job.

Toloka is No1, i’ve appertained musketeers to the app and they’re all intrigued. The app is veritably stoner-friendly, smooth handling and the pullout process is just superb. Since I have started using it, i have not endured any malfunction. laurels to the Toloka platoon! 👌 👌

Easy Plutocrat, slightly realizable tasks to carry out. Overall, stoner friendly. Challenge is the numerous tasks one has to carry out before actually getting those that pay. Unfortunately, there is no other withdraw options like Paypal etc yet its announced that so numerous options of plutocrat withdraw are available. Please amend that so i can be suitable to get my plutocrat.

Takes alot of time and not important price. utmost tasks are done in a 3rd party point and they infrequently show up. When they do they fail you for being wrong indeed when your right or their runner does not cargo. Got blocked from too numerous tasks for the runner not lading. Have spent about 20 hours on app to earn$ 4 and it will not indeed let me withdraw. cancel!!

Update(6/28/2022) The app is legal. entered my first payment after two days of pullout. And fortunately, I am enjoying the app. The tasks are great, they give training first for you to be familiarize with the task to be done. Great operation 👍———— 3 stars for now since i just downloaded it. Hope to have great experience with this app. I will surely edit my review after 1 week.

NOT A good APP. The training sessions are too long and without any pay. Other tasks are also too long and just pays.01 bone
. Seriously what you gon na do with that important? If they increse the quantum to 1 bone
per task also that would be fine. else it’s useless.

Had a many glitches at first but formerly got two cash outs which is really great. The only problem however is some tasks on the app do not work welle.g links do not work and some other glitches that need fixing but other than that it’s a great app does not have large payments but fun to use to earn some cents
Great app! I especially enjoyed taking the parking training check because the instructions given were clear and the process of vindicating parking was a breath. I’m looking forward to doing paying checks n

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