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Announcements in the middle of a frame? Really? I know you have to fund it ever and adverts at the end of each frame is frustrating but accessible. But why, just as I am about to take a” virtual shot” does an announcement pop up? Ironically for a different pool game by the way. It’s not only abstracting, it’s infuriating filling up a shot and also being intruded. I am uninstalling.
I do love playing this game. I’ve had it loaded on my iPad for a long time. Long enough to be on position 703. Unfortunately

I now spend further time watching advertisements than playing the game. I takes me lower time to finish a round than for the announcement to complete. And since there’s an announcement after every round it truly is further time watching advertisements than playing. And for that reason alone I’m removing it from my iPad and Samsung tablet.

I like this, but, it gets enough repetitious, I’d love to have further instigative pretensions, like the municipalities erecting being more intriguing, doing commodity once you’ve reached it, or the structure that moves the ball along to the coming position be more intriguing, I know the point is to play replanting the balls but it needs commodity further intriguing to work towards? 👍
surely my favourite pool game on mobile. Edit Jun

22, Experience lately being ruined by advertisements that won’t let you close them. They appear zoomed in similar that the’ x’ to close is out of screen. So I play a position, am forced to watch an announcement also am forced to close. Someone really needs to look into it. One announcement is keeps passing on is the gun one.

I suppose tbis game is realistic, a lot of fun and I love the different cues and quirky tables which make it more grueling . I wish you would give people a choice of whether they want the hand which removes balls from the table or not. tête-à-tête I find it EXTREMELY prickly due to the fact that I want to pot all the balls myself!!!!!!

Good game, I generally play offline so I witness no advertisements, so far I have got to level 485 with all quintet for every one( looks like a lords crown). It’s a pity progress can not be backed up online as getting a new phone would mean starting each over again. When the white ball is near a fund it’s decelerating down way too important and needs fixing.

You get to play 4 games in a row before an announcement shows up, also there is an announcement after EVERYTHING!! After every game, every time you reset, every time you exit to the” chart”. utmost advertisements take longer to watch than it takes to play a round. It’s just too important. I understand that the advertisements pay the bills, but the game is not good enough to make up for being buried in advertisements.

Great game alternate time I’ve loaded it there seems to be a different way of showing announcements that slows the game but still a great game. PLEASE STOP THE( YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE ADVERTISING) Looks like the game has been streamlined a lot of fussing around witch slows playing the game frustrating. Also the quantum of adds is a dit annoying. Still a great game but will look for othersI love this game, i had it for nearly 4 times and i am in position 704, but it looks like i am sharing in the Advertisements not the game, i recommend you to remove the Advertisements and i suppose further people will love this game and play it, especially i include myself i’ll also love this gamemore.However, please do, If you remove the Advertisements and if your planning to. That is all

Good game but it bring too important to get relieve of the advertisements. I do not want to pay yearly just to play a game without advertisements. I would pay a one time figure of say$ 3.99 to be free of advertisements. I did that with the game Mine Sweeper. Update6/27/22 The game will not admit All Combo wins some of the time. Please fix that.
I love it! It does not have SO MUCH Advertisements like the others and is so delightful! But

i encountered a bug or glitch in the game last time after i played there was an announcement this is normal for games to have advertisements after this announcement finished i can not find anything to go back at the game so i went out the app and reset it and it worked impeccably fine again!
Edit I reached stage,250 and it’s the same repetitious game play with the balls placed in different locales. Hope there’s a real game with other players, 9 or 8 ball options, or indeed vs just a bot. Still the most realistic pool game out there. Stylish pool game! I wish they can develop the game further for 8- ball and 9- ball play.

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